Sunday, January 6, 2013


There are many types of people who suffer from some form of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, better know as PTSD. Victims of rape, accidents, explosions, terrorist attacks and combat related to only name a few. PTSD is something fairly new to our understanding, including in the medical field. The sad thing is that PTSD is in reality very old, documented suffers from period such as the fall of Rome, in these times up until five years ago PTSD was considered a form of depression or anxiety to be treated with the same conventional medication used to treat these symptoms. The main thing is the depression, anxiety and other symptoms combined together is PTSD brought on by some traumatic event. In the course of the next week I will be reviewing notes on the subject of PTSD and that of communication between opposite sexes. I tend to believe that a man suffering from PTSD, say brought on by his experience in war then he upon finding the right person of the opposite sex my be able to deal with his symptom a lot easier than a man who only communes with other men. Using the soldier for an example, we are held by our peers to remain stoic in the face of hardship and to keep pushing on, this is multiplied several fold when a soldier is communicating with a man who has never served in the Armed Services. If this soldier has an outlet, say a wife, girlfriend, sister or even just a female friend that they can trust and can just let go of the emotional trauma that they have experience these soldiers reintegration into the civilian world improves, with a higher reduction in the rate of depression, helplessness, anxiety, and suicide. Nearly thirty percent of men suffering from PTSD seek out a female confidant. This is not to be confused with a more intimate or sexual relationship but as a step to getting reintroduced to their feeling and being able to express themselves in a more normal fashion.Stay tuned for more as I will probably be editing this post and writing further post on the matter.

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