Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beginning the Cosmic Journey

Now it is getting close to the end of my journey here in Japan. Even though I feel a great joy and excitement there is still a sadness and loneliness that tugs at my heart. Here I am in the present moment but I am finding it hard to still my mind and heart.

For many years I have spent in this country. A place and people I have grown to love, even though there are many things I have found that have sickened and even caused my greater sorrow. Coming to realize that there is little I can do to change the things I have found that decays the very foundation of humanity has not given me solace, rather it has deepen this sorrow. The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have lived I believe have made me stronger in many ways, have fortified me for the path I will soon walk.

Though in the physical I will be leaving this land to walk among my high mountains those who have touched me and I them in that special way my former teacher Father John Kirsch had taught as kything will always be with me and I with them. This fact, so simple and pure gives me a greater strength for the next chapter of my life.

The love that I have cannot be explained in mere words, all the pain, joy, sorrow, laughter has all been melted down into compassion and love without words. For through word the Essenes and true meaning is stripped away.

To this I have learned many great lessons in my eight plus years here in Japan. As I prepare for my next step I will live fully in the present moment. Taking a moment to watch a child smile, a sparrow play, the sun warming my skin and the gentle caress of the breeze upon my cheeks. I would invite each and every person to do the same, to empty yourself and to feel the spirit of the place where you are at now in the present moment, there you will find your center.

'For when you are at your center and I am at mine, we are one.' Sitting Bull, Lakota Chief.

We are not separate, in our most finite being, our core Essenes we are all intertwined. Not just all of humanity but every bird, tree, stone, animal, fish, mountain, sea... The whole cosmos in one living, breathing pulse of beauty and sacredness. We are not separate from one another we are all one, intertwined and interdependent on one another.

Take the time to stop and empty yourself even just for a moment. Open yourself. See with your heart and touch with your soul. Find your center and when you have arrived at your center in the present moment all will be right and all, you and I and the whole of the cosmos will be one again.

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