Friday, February 22, 2013

Collaboration Challenge: Part 3

Xav was the first to fire his weapon at semi-rapid lock thru a small firing pit door. What they saw amazed and terrified them both as the being seemed to turn to mist or dust.

Anika try the UV light in the back seat.” Xav commanded.

Scared nearly motionless Anika slowly reached around a fumbled for the light.

Hurry your lead.” Xav nearly screamed as the beings neared to no more than five feet.

When Anika had the light in her lap Xav grabbed it and turned the dial all the up and hit the trigger. A blinding flash of light appeared momentary blinding both Anika and Xav. When they regained their sight the being seemed to have created one large mass. A barrier of some type.

What's happening” Anika asked.

I have no idea, but whatever is it doesn't look good.”

The creatures didn't move from their five foot distant circular wall. Anika opened the phone but found it was drained of all power. Xav looked at his watch and it too had stopped.

What the hell?” Xav murmured under his breath.

In a few minutes that seemed like hours a small pathway was formed by the beings directly in front of them. Soon a small robed figure appeared. It came to stand right in front of the Humvee, it raised its head to bear a face that seemed to be rotting as he looked at them.

Their blood began to chill from it stare until it seemed that they were frozen. They watched the creature peel it's figure nail into the paint as it wrote something out. Then it was like they had fallen into sleep. When they came to the beings were gone and the sound of sirens could be heard headed in their direction.

Xav glanced at his watch, it was working and only three minutes had past since the last time he looked at it. Anika stuck her head out the window to read the message on the hood.

'You released us. Vamprye the true.'

She was white as death when she looked at Xav and lipped the word Vamprye.

What you mean vampires?” Xav asked with sarcasm in his voice.

Worse. Vampire as we know them are fantasy. Vamprye are the true type who have been called back from the dead and they don't drink blood. The feed on human energy so much so that it kills. Vamprye means soul sucked.

So how do you killed them?

I have no idea.” Anika retorted. 

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